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About our company - ITAP LLC.

About us and our activities in corporate assistance.

Our mission, values and experience in corporate assistance

Our senior lawyer Hristo Vasilev on Bloomberg TV about the new Insurance code in Bulgaria

Our team is active in corporate and finance advisory as well as in the field of administrative assistance and legal immigration assistance. We provide advisory assistance, company formation services and administrative support. A dedicated wing of our company's management is helping our clients to apply and obtain Bulgarian residence permits, long term immigration visa, work permits, apply for citizenship, etc. We provide full support to comply with the different regulations and help the newcomers with their business and social needs in Bulgaria. Often, in addition to company formation services and support, we are assisting foreign businessmen to enhance their immigration and relocation process to the EU, assist them with professional advice for real estate purchases, company acquisitions and tax compliance. With professional experience of our specialists of more than 15 years, we are capable of meeting even the highest expectations of our valued customers. When required by law, we carry out different activities by means of employing licensed lawyers who are members of the Bulgarian Bar Association - a guarantee for best legal compliance. The lawyers have experience with different institutions, such as the European Court of Human Rights, the Court of Justice of the European Union and others. Working with licensed lawyers not only guarantees the best law conformity, but is often a legal requirement. We are confident that we can offer our customers the best tailor made solutions in the filed of corporate law, full legal compliance and administrative support.

We are frequently faced with new challenges, we are dealing with applicants from all over the world who speak different languages and have diverse culture and habits, we receive and process registration documents from countries, which have completely different legal system than in the EU and we have to interpret our customers expectations for new life in order to present them the best legal opportunities. At times we have hard times, but we always try to find the best solution so the customer is content and happy from the final result.

All our activities are backed by legal contract where the customer can clearly see what the conditions, his rights and obligations are and therefore can rest assured that he is receiving the required services. If there are any risks associated with the processing of his application, these are always clearly explained so there are no unpleasant surprises. At the end, we believe that the good feedback we have received so far is the best reward for our work.

Our team of specialists who are at your disposal to help you achieve your goals

lawyer Hristo Vasilev

Hristo Vasilev

Senior Lawyer

lawyer Dimitar Dimitrov

Dimitar Dimitrov

Senior Lawyer

lawyer Nezret Babuchev

Nezret Babuchev

Senior Lawyer

lawyer Iva Iovkova

Iva Iovkova

Assistant Lawyer

lawyer Krasimir Saharov

Krasimir Saharov

Senior Lawyer

Alexander Dobrinov

Alexander Dobrinov

Financial Consultant

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