Important advantages for our clients

virtual office in Bulgaria

Virtual office in Bulgaria

We provide full virtual office services to our clients, thereby ensuring not only legal compliance (i.e. point of contact with the authorities), but also physical presence in Bulgaria (better perception).

Bulgarian real estate

Real estate investments

Real estate investment in Bulgaria has been the hot ticket since the country joined the EU in 2007. We will provide full administrative and legal support as well as a bunch of investment opportunities.

visa approved stamp

Immigration to Bulgaria (EU)

Starting your own business in Bulgaria, registering a Trade representative office, Bulgarian NGO, or other business formations, provides the ideal opportunity to obtain legal residency in the country.

legalized Bulgarian pile of documents

Legalized documents

We provide full set of translated and legalized documents so the client can use the company with ease in any country of the world, open bank accounts in the European Union and beyond and much, much more.

Bulgaria - the best location for setting up business in the EU

Internet banking

Bulgarian online banking standards are among the most secure and reliable in the world. The client can process virtually all banking transactions online. Read more.

Robust economy

The robustness of the Bulgarian economy and Euro-tied currency is another important factor to consider when relocating your business in Bulgaria. Read more.

Fast payments

Bulgaria has no currency restrictions so sending money abroad is easy and fast. You can make transfers by visiting your bank or by internet. Read more.

Ridiculously low taxes

The famous 10% flat tax rate in Bulgaria is one of the main reasons for many international businesses and entrepreneurs to set foot in Bulgaria. Read more.

Outsourcing opportunities

Wages in Bulgaria have risen significantly in the last 10 years. Still, many foreign companies are outsourcing their operations in Bulgaria. Read more.

Worldwide service

Our representatives are visiting our clients to virtually any country in the world in order to provide consultation or fast document exchange. Read more.